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With the goal of fostering awareness of the Holocaust and the ever-present possibility of unchecked oppression leading to genocide, the MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS Holocaust Living Learning Experience presents special programs of interest to groups and individuals. These include Holocaust history, first-hand accounts by Survivors, presentations by experts and a wide range of voices on how bigotry and hatred undermine the foundation of society. Age-appropriate lessons for children explore the seriousness of bullying and other ways that hatred can grow. Students are introduced to the concept of being an upstander, rather than a bystander.

A certified Auschwitz educator takes you on a virtual tour using current and historical aerial views, news footage and photos. He opens a dialogue for questions and discussion in real time, using cutting-edge technology.


Using stirring theme music, 80 powerful images and suspenseful storytelling, Dr. Newborn recounts how Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans – former fanatical Hitler Youth leaders, the latter arrested for a teen gay relationship – …


In this profound and richly multimedia program, Dr. Jud Newborn poignantly interweaves his own personal story (his adventures, determination and triumphs in confronting the Holocaust) with the lost world of the European Jewish Shtetl— …


Join us for a captivating in-person presentation with Dr. Robert Watson, historian, author, professor, political commentator and community leader.  He will discuss the roots/resurgence of Anti-Semitism and offer an informative deep-dive into the history of hate…


Christina Chavarria, program coordinator for the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, shares dramatic stories and fascinating items from the Museum’s collections as she traces the history of Latin American nations which provided refuge for European Jews before, during and after WWII.


Joel Poremba, author of My Name is Staszek Surdel: The Improbable Holocaust Survival of Nathan Poremba, the Last Jew of Wieliczka, along with Henry Mikalsky, author of Torn Lilacs: A True WWII Story of…

November 15, 2022 | Virtual Event


Dr. Miriam Klein Kassenoff, a Holocaust survivor and the director of the Holocaust Education Teacher Institute at the University of Miami, shares powerful stories of women who resisted Nazi occupation, guided their families to safety…

November 29, 2022 | Virtual Event


Drawing on first-hand accounts from his recent trips, Dr. Robert Rabil explores the complexities of the conflict in Ukraine and its implications for the Middle East.

December 6, 2022 | In-Person Event


Laszlo photographed over thirty Holocaust survivors for this moving photo essay.  His striking photographs are accompanied by reading brief stories of survival which were told to Bobbi Kaufman.  Visages of Memory was produced for an art exhibit…

January 25, 2023 | Virtual Event


Interview with Dr. Marlene Yahalom.

February 9, 2023 | Virtual Event


Join us for a webinar by Dr. Miriam Klein Kassenoff in conversation with Sally N. Levine – “Reading the Holocaust: The Power of Literature.” Have you ever thought, “What should I read? What should 2nd generation read? What should 3rd generation read?”…

March 16, 2023 | Virtual Event



Choose the project model that is best for
your group, event or meeting.

Each of the NEXT GENERATIONS Project models can be customized and structured to meet the facilitator’s or group’s needs. All models include a virtual or live presentation involving a person-to-person interview of at least one Holocaust Survivor or a descendant of a Survivor. Some models culminate with the participants creating a unique expression of the story they heard. History comes alive as participants explore the true meaning of developing a caring community, free of hate, prejudice, and bigotry. Through personal accounts of living history, they uncover the danger of remaining silent amid signs that others are being harmed.

Our customized projects are perfect for:

  • Discussion Groups

  • In-person and Virtual

  • Group Projects

  • Member Events

  • Donor Events

  • Alumni Events

  • High School Community Projects

  • College Events

  • Bat and Bar Mitzvah Study

  • Church Groups

  • Sisterhood and

  • Brotherhood Meetings

  • Team Building


Model One

Incorporates an interviewer and one Survivor who is interviewed in front of a large group of participants. After the interview, the participants may meet in smaller groups to discuss what they heard. Participants may create their unique story expression.

Model Two

Consists of multiple Survivors meeting with various participants who are trained to interview Survivors and actively do so in a small group setting. The Survivors remain seated, and participants rotate around the room.

Model Three

This model can be implemented with multiple Survivors meeting with participants and working as a team to create their combined expression. At completion, a special event is organized to present the collective works to the Survivors.

Model Four

A Survivor is paired with a participant or small group. They work together over several months, meeting regularly to forge a meaningful relationship. At the end of the project, the participant(s) create and present their story expression to the Survivor.

Model Five

This model is facilitated by mental health and volunteer theater professionals. “Witness Theater” dramatizes Survivor stories in a structured program implemented over nine months. Participants and Survivors gather regularly during this time so that participants can learn individual Survivors’ stories. Participants then enact the Survivors’ lives while they are on stage with them. This model requires the participating groups to be comfortable with this engagement, including re-enacting Survivor stories.


The MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS Holocaust Living Learning Experience, in association with New York’s The Hidden Child Foundation, hosts monthly virtual gatherings for child survivors/hidden children. These virtual gatherings exclusively for child survivors/hidden children are an opportunity to listen, share experiences and connect with each other. Dr. Jenni Frumer and Dr. Irit Felsen facilitate these gatherings with empathy, compassion and understanding…Learn More

As we expand to school districts throughout Florida, we are asking Holocaust Survivors and their descendants to become part of our Speakers Bureau.

Please contact Jenni Frumer, PhD, LCSW, MSEd



If you are passionate about working with students and teaching them to be Up-Standers instead of By-Standers, please join our Speakers Bureau.

The mission of the MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS Holocaust Living Learning Experience is to be the premier Holocaust Educational Program in the State of Florida. If you are a Holocaust Survivor or the descendant of a Survivor, we welcome you to join our Speakers Bureau and share your stories with students, teachers and communities of all religions and backgrounds.

Real-life stories told by Survivors and their descendants are the most powerful testimony as to why we must confront prejudice, bigotry and xenophobia, regardless of our religion or other personal differences. Survivors’ stories of persecution and resilience teach all people of goodwill the true meaning of NEVER FORGET.

As we expand to school districts throughout Florida, we are asking Holocaust Survivors and their descendants to become part of our Speakers