Dynamic Lessons From the Holocaust

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Holocaust Educational Programs in Palm Beach County, Florida

Explore dynamic opportunities for Holocaust education, remembrance, and community-building. Programs are offered throughout Palm Beach County or our West Palm Beach, Florida campus.

The Gendelman Children’s Holocaust Memorial Tree

Standing as the largest sculpture of its kind in the Southeast, this site of reflection is to commemorate the 1.5 million children’s lives taken by the Nazis. This powerful educational experience is available for interested groups to visit with an RSVP.

Living History Project

High school and college students can hear firsthand from Holocaust survivors and their children through innovative lessons.

NOW Initiatives for Holocaust Survivors

Educational Events in Palm Beach County, Florida

Join us in immersive experiences designed to deepen our understanding of history and honor the legacy of those impacted by the Holocaust.

NEXT GENERATIONS Showcase of Events

Expert-led discussions and lectures that provide diverse perspectives on Holocaust history.

2G Programming

Community and healing for children of Holocaust survivors and their families.