Teaching Impactful Lessons From the Holocaust

The Signature Education Model is designed to facilitate the teaching of lessons from the Holocaust for educators. This management system offers a comprehensive set of teaching tools and resources, equipping teachers with everything they need to convey grade-appropriate lessons about the Holocaust.

Tailored to grades 5-12 and accessible to all school districts nationwide, the Signature Education Model helps educators make a positive change in children through these impactful lessons from the Holocaust.

Powerful teaching tools and resources like Holocaust survivor testimonies, historically accurate Holocaust footage, and mini-documentary lessons facilitate the impactful lessons from the Holocaust.

Teachers Don’t Need to be Experts on the Holocaust

Despite Holocaust education being mandated by states across America, many teachers lack proper training in this area. As a result, conveying these complex lessons to elementary, middle, and high school students can be challenging.

Educators can now use the collection of tools, videos, and teaching resources offered by the Signature Education Model to deliver high-quality lessons from the Holocaust, regardless of their expertise in the subject. With accurate historical footage, Holocaust survivor testimonies, and documentary-style lessons, teachers can confidently educate their students on meaningful lessons learned from the Holocaust.

Teaching Tools in the Signature Education Model

  • Teacher professional learning for school districts
  • Historical footage
  • Mini documentary-style lessons
  • Holocaust survivor testimonies
  • Teacher’s Resource Guides that help facilitate lesson plans
  • Expert developed materials

What Students Can Learn From Holocaust Lessons:

  • Recognizing the dangers of bullying
  • Developing strategies to manage peer pressure
  • Enhancing active listening skills
  • Embracing diversity and promoting acceptance of others
  • Learning how to respond to hate speech

Students can forge connections with each other despite their differences, and come to understand the true meaning of a caring community.

Preview a lesson from the ‘Bias and Prejudice’ of the Signature Education Model.

Example of a Holocaust Lesson from our catalog. This particular video comes from our Bias and Prejudice Lesson.

Holocaust Survivor Testimony

Example of prerecorded survivor testimonies that correlates with the lesson

Impact of the Signature Education Model:

According to student surveys, participants reported:

  • 87% gain a greater understanding of embracing differences in others
  • 85% recognize the importance of putting themselves in others’ shoes
  • 80% now feel empowered to share how hate led to the Holocaust
  • 79% express a commitment to standing up against hateful behavior towards others

Entrusted by the State of Florida Department of Education

Recognizing the sensitivity of teaching the Holocaust, the state of Florida has entrusted the Holocaust Learning Experience to facilitate lessons from the Holocaust across all 67 school districts.

Impacting more than 2 million students, grades 5 through 12, the state of Florida has entrusted us with developing, deploying, and delivering lessons from the Holocaust.

Bring Impactful Lessons to Your School

If you are a school district administrator interested in how your school can deliver meaningful lessons learned from the Holocaust to students in grades 5-12, please fill out the contact form below. A Holocaust Learning Experience ambassador will reach out to you soon.