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With the goal of fostering awareness of the Holocaust and the ever-present possibility of unchecked oppression leading to genocide, the Holocaust Learning Experience hosted by MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS presents special programs of interest to groups and individuals. These include Holocaust history, first-hand accounts by Survivors, presentations by experts, and a wide range of voices on how bigotry and hatred undermine the foundation of society.

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Each of the NEXT GENERATIONS Project models can be customized and structured to meet the facilitator’s or group’s needs. All models include a virtual or live presentation involving a person-to-person interview of at least one Holocaust Survivor or a descendant of a Survivor. Some models culminate with the participants creating a unique expression of the story they heard. History comes alive as participants explore the true meaning of developing a caring community, free of hate, prejudice, and bigotry. Through personal accounts of living history, they uncover the danger of remaining silent amid signs that others are being harmed.

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  • Bat and Bar Mitzvah Study

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The Holocaust Learning Experience provided by MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS, in association with New York’s The Hidden Child Foundation, hosts monthly virtual gatherings for child survivors/hidden children. These virtual gatherings exclusively for child survivors/hidden children are an opportunity to listen, share experiences and connect with each other. Dr. Jenni Frumer and Dr. Irit Felsen facilitate these gatherings with empathy, compassion and understanding…Learn More

Please contact Jenni Frumer, PhD, LCSW, MSEd